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2013 October, 01

Design of the space of The International Festival of Independent Films ’2morrow / Zavtra’

Architects: Evgeniya Altynova, Anton Kochurkin, Maksimilian Moseshvili


2013 May, 31

Design of the space of the International Museum Festival INTERMUSEUM 2013 (Moscow, CHA)

Architects: Anton Kochurkin, Konstantin Fomin, Yevgeniya Altynova, Maksimilian Moseshvili

2013 April, 14

’8 lines’ continue working on Brest and Brest Fortress development project 2013-2019.


Urban planning – Gleb Vitkov

Marketing – Alyona Anastasiyeva

With the participation of Yana Golubeva and Mikhail Stepura

2013 March, 01

Dear friends, here is our new phone number:

+7 (495) 626 44 80

We will be glad to talk to you each workday from 11 to 20 hours.

2012 December, 19

Read about the project of stopping point 2055 on The Village!

2012 October, 23

Dear friends!

Now our bureau is located at 4 bld.1 Armyanskiy side-street, Moscow (enter from the side of the building).

Contact tel. number: +7 (926) 221-53-97

2012 September, 02

The space of the film festival 2morrow in CHA 
Architects: Anton Kochurkin, Evgeniya Altynova, Anna Andreeva.

2012 September, 01.

The project by Anton Kochurkin “Clouds observation ground” on the cover of the monograph TATLIN MONO 3|31|110 2012

2012 January, 21

The Museum on rollerblades was recognized the best russian exposition project of 2011

2011 December, 7

Museum on rollerblades. Nakhodka, Primorye Territory

Opening of the exposition in the Museum-Exhibition Complex in Nakhodka

see the report

2011 October, 15

Layout plan of art-residences (art-apartments), Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga Region.

Jointly with AB SVESMI and AB Terra, Ab 8 lines began working on the layout plan of art-residences in Nikola-Lenivets village

2010 July, 01

Anton Kochurkin talks about his projects in the magazine MIR MUZEYA / THE WORLD OF MUSEUM  #275 (July 2010)


4/1 Armianskiy pereulok, Moscow. Tel +7 (495) 626 44 80
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